Vihaan :
The formal function of NBS to welcome the new batch of students with their parents.

Orientation :
The starting point of transforming the incoming students to get immersed themselves into learning culture of Naipunnya and make them ready to kick-start their MBA curriculum.

Bridge course :
Wonderful platform for the students those who come from different educational background, to learn & get introduce subjects of Accounting, Quantitative Techniques, Communicative English, Business etiquettes & grooming standards in Management.

Freshers’ Day / Talents Day :
Jointly organized by the seniors and juniors for showcasing & recognising the talents of freshers.

Ekklesia/Club Activity :
Ekklesia is a common seated assembly cum club event organized by students, to enrich young minds by opening various avenues to improve their leadership skills, coordination skills, inculcating the spirit of team work thereby grooming their personality and overall development.

Aazadi :
Patriotic occasion to celebrate our nation’s independence.

Industry Interaction :
Industry-Institutional connect that gives opportunity to keep in touch with experts from the Industry and learn from expert’s experiences.

Hastham is a community development program organized by NBS to foster team and leadership skills of the management students. Hastham is unique in nature and scope and is implemented by the students under the guidance of the faculty members. Students visit the proposed places and identify the needs and interests of the people through professional interaction.
The Objective of Hastham is:
● To make the students understand the rural social system and community living.
● To help the students develop their sense of care and social responsibility towards community.
● To acquire skills in planning, organizing and implementing camp programmes with their productive use of time, communication skills, working with team spirit, handling relationships and conflicts, seeking co operations and coordination whenever required, administration etc. Hastham is organized towards the end of the first semester.

Keraleeyam :
Observing ‘Kerala Piravi’ & Celebration of rich culture and tradition of the Kerala state by organizing various events connected with Kerala tradition.

Industrial Visit :
Providing real time exposure to business practices by visiting various organizations and relate it with the subjects.

‘Onam’ - The signature celebration of the campus with vivid colors and cuisine to welcome the yesteryear king of Kerala

(enrich - equip - evolve)
A unique course designed by NBS to train budding managers to acquire adequate skill sets in a more practical way.

A podium to correlate the theory learned in the classroom to be connected with simulated managerial issues and thereby gaining a hands-on experience of learning domains.

Union Budget Analysis:
There are many things to learn from a budget analysis, a yearly event normally collaborated with leading economists and financial experts. Students also will be given chance to express their views and interact with experts.

Organization study:
Students will select their own organization and practically learn all the department functions for a short span of time and individual evaluation by a panel of faculty jury

Twilight Flame:
Seniors Vs Juniors - To explore and encourage students in the extra curricular activities focusing on Indoor games, Outdoor games, Mediation and Artistic performances by the business houses to compete with each other.